KP Projects is a vibrant and dynamic South African Non-Profit Organization.

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential no matter their race, gender or economic background!

We strive to make this dream a reality by implementing educational projects across South Africa, through the years our projects have benefited more than 50 000 students and teachers across the country. Our focus areas include Sports, English Literacy, ICT, and Mathematics.

Through our dedicated team we operate in historically disadvantaged communities, working closely with corporate South Africa to provide life changing and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

our focus areas


KP Projects Sports Program focusses on the basic fundamentals of a player’s all-round sports development in a controlled & fun environment.

We are currently in 10 underprivileged primary schools & 2 Community fields making it possible for boys & girls (aged 8 – 15) to enjoy the beautiful game of football, through coaching and organised tournaments

Our ‘Coach the Coaches’ approach empowers coaches to get accredited through our sports program and confidently plan & run a professional training session

The schools are sponsored sports equipment to ensure that the coach can run a productive session

Teamwork – Respect – Humility – Discipline and Enjoyment of the game are the pillars of our sports program: All these disciplines ensure that our players approach both sport and life with a positive mind set

With the ethos that sport can create and unite, we bring communities together through sport.

Sportsmen & women grow into their full potential when given a positive environment and we offer those opportunities.

English Literacy

The learning English Through Technology (LETT) improves English Literacy for students in the foundational phase of primary school.

Learners in South Africa are required to write their final examinations in English. As English is not the 1st language for many learners this is a big hurdle and one of the causes for the poor pass rates.

Our project assists Educators from Primary Schools in teaching learners in Grade 2,3 and 4 using innovative teaching methods and making use of technology in the classroom.


KP Projects has implemented a multiyear project to provide educators at Schools in Tembisa, Gauteng and ILembe, Kwa-Zulu Natal with computers, computer training and access to the internet. These resources have brought these educators and learners into the 21st century by closing the digital divide.

As we are heading into the 4th Industrial revolution, each and every child regardless of their economic background deserves the opportunity to learn computer skills. 

There are countless opportunities in helping us ensure that every child has the chance of becoming computer literate.


The Mathematics Advancement Program (MAP) is an education project designed to improve the understanding and performance of mathematics students within Historically disadvantaged schools. This is the fourth year the project is running.